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Why You Should Have Your Floors Cleaned This Fall

Here at Colors Professional Floor Care, we understand that fall can be a busy time for most home and business owners. With the kids back in school, sports and school activities, business meetings and parties, and holiday shopping and decorating, it can be difficult to find the time to thoroughly clean around the house.

Unfortunately, dirt and grime are not picky as to which season they participate in, and we're likely to track these contaminants into our homes each day we go outside. Considering that dust, germs, and grime multiply incredibly quickly, you should really consider giving your home a professional deep clean more than just once a year. Here are the top reasons that fall cleaning is just as important – if not more so – than its spring counterpart.

Do your children track dirt and grime into the house? Are you likely to spend more time indoors during the winter? Do you plan on inviting guests into your home or place of business during the holidays? Hiring a professional floor cleaning company to deep-clean your home or business is the best way to prepare for the fall season.



A season of walking around the grass, sidewalks, the beach and then stepping into your home may leave your carpet with all the types of dirt and grime you can’t even imagine. A large number of pollutants and bacteria can be easily tracked into your home by children, pets, or anyone that steps inside your house. Your floors aren’t invincible, and all of that dirt and other organic debris can contaminate the fibers and integrity of your flooring surprisingly easy. Not only does this lead to a dingy and dirty look for your floor, but it is also quite unhealthy for both you and your family to sit and walk on. When you add in the mud, leaves, and water that you are likely to find on the ground during the fall and winter seasons, you have a recipe on your hands that could spell disaster for your flooring and the healthiness of your family and home.

Taking the time now to schedule a cleaning this fall will go a long way in protecting the look and feel of your flooring, as well as helping to eliminate any potential bacteria and allergens that could harm your family. The fall is also a great time to schedule an air duct or dryer cleaning service in order to clear out all the potential microbes living in there, and save you or your business some money on energy costs!


If you are like most people, you and your family are most likely going to be spending some more time indoors during the fall and winter months than you normally do any other time of the year. With all that extra time spent in your home or business, it's going to be more important than ever to ensure that the air quality indoors is safe for you, your family, friends and business clients alike. Dirty carpets, clogged air ducts, and stained upholstery and furniture are among the leading causes of poor indoor air quality and are a huge factor in spreading sickness throughout the year. It's important that you take the time this season to clean your house and business in order to protect everyone from these pollutants, as well as to ensure the longevity of your flooring itself.


Fall and winter are the seasons of fun holiday decorations, family gatherings, and business parties to ring in the new year. This creates a large influx of people that will be visiting you or your place of business, raising the need to make a good impression on your guests by presenting a clean, sparkling and inviting interior. The holidays are a high traffic time for your flooring and indoor air quality, so taking the time this fall to ensure your carpets get a professional clean will not only make the interior of your home look better for all of your family gatherings this fall, but it will also ensure that you and your guests won’t be breathing in contaminated air on a daily basis as well.


Your home is a safe, personal space that you will spend most of your time relaxing in; this also means that this area will play a large role in terms of your health. While we understand that not everyone has the time, energy, or interest in cleaning their home or business during the fall season, it is incredibly important that you eliminate as many microbes and pollutants from your home because the cold weather forces you to spend even more time indoors. A clean, fresh appearance and smell goes a long way to relax the mind and body and will help to keep you healthy and relaxed during the fall and winter months.

That’s where we come in. Colors Professional Floor Care offers a variety of cleaning services designed and certified to eliminate your house and/or business of airborne bacteria and allergens that clog your air ducts, seep deep within your flooring, and threaten your quality of life. We're here to make things easier - pick up the phone and call us now to schedule a free estimate.

Breathe easier with a cleaner, healthier home thanks to Colors Professional Floor Care. You and your loved ones deserve it.

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